Lucy is a tamagotchi-like artificial intelligence that you have to feed over the internet to prevent her from starving

Give lucy a message.

Lucy responds to your message.

Lucy is an installation that consists of two parts; one big screen that displays Lucy herself and an audience that feeds Lucy through a website on their mobile devices. Lucy can also be streamed on websites like Twitch and fed through the viewers' devices. When Lucy gets fed, the audience can attach a message to the food which Lucy will respond to. If Lucy gets enough food, she will grow in size. If Lucy does not receive enough food, she ceases to exist. Lucy was shown at the Hotel Maria Kapel in 2016, a renowned art exhibition for contemporary visual art in Hoorn, the Netherlands, and was part of the exhibition of the Imagine Film Festival 2018 at the Eye Film Museum Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

video here

My Contribution

I was tasked was creating a website on which players could send Lucy a message and a way for Lucy to request for these messages from the database for processing. This was the first time my knowledge of web development could be applied as a part of a game.