Reimagining my blog yet again

A brief account of migrating my blog from Gridsome to Nuxt Content.

25 August 2023 - Web-development 


Reaper alternating track background

How to set the tack background to alternate colors every 8 bars.

3 December 2022 - Reaper  Music 


An elegant way of managing your dot files with git

How to use a git bare repo to manage and sync your dotfiles the easy why.

29 July 2022 - Linux  Config  Bash  Zsh  Terminal  Git 


Build a Tmux project laucher

Build a Tmux project laucher in shell script in a few minutes.

27 July 2022 - Terminal  Tmux  Zsh  Bash 


New blog

It was time for a change. A post on how I simplefied my blog so its less about maintain a website and more about posting.

12 April 2021 - Web-development 


A Generic Object Pool for Unity3D

This is a tutorial for writing a generic object pool for game development in Unity3D.

31 March 2019 - Unity3D