Try Coding

An online platform for learn coding through gaming

Level editer.

My desk at TryCatch Media.

TryCoding is a web based game to help teach young people how to write code. This is done in a playful way by introducing the players bit by bit to programming principles, while playing through an exciting story.

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My Contribution

I worked on TryCoding as an intern at TryCatch Media in South Korea. My role was setting up the project from scratch with a team of fellow interns. I was the only developer at the start of the project, so I was tasked with setting up the main infrastructure before other developers would join the team. Because I knew I was going to be the only developer on the project for quite some time I chose the MEAN stack. Since I already had a year of experience with this technologie, in combination with the Phaser html5 game engine which was new for me, but easy to understand and well documented. In addition to the core game and the website I also worked on a level editor for the art and design team which greatly improved efficiency in the development process.

This project was a great test for me, since I had to apply my knowledge of game development and web development simultaneously. It was also great for improving my communication skills across all disciplines involved with game development. Fulfilling a lead role within the team, was a great experience,which felt intimidating at first as an intern, but came quite natural. I consider it the most valuable part of my internship and my development as a developer.