A game for designing Utrecht’s most sustainable street

Straatje is a project in collaboration with Witteveen+Bos and Gemeente Utrecht (Municipality of Utrecht). In Straatje the player gets the same tools as Witteveen+Bos when building the new Croeselaan. There are three main pillars the player needs to keep in mind: cost, sustainability and infrastructure.

The player has a fixed budget of 1.5 million euros to renovate the Croeselaan, keeping within budget satisfies the Cost pillar. Sustainability is an important element of the new Croeselaan as it aims to be the most sustainable street in the city of Utrecht. But the more sustainable the solution, the higher the costs. The last pillar is Infrastructure. Since the headquarters of Rabobank (one of the largest Dutch banks) is located on the Croeselaan with many employees, , infrastructure is very important. All Rabobank’s employees need to be able to travel to and from work easily.

My Contribution

My main contribution in this project was developing a grid system on which the players could place different types of tiles and assets. I also implemented pathfinding for the cars and wrote a lightweight thread pool for improved mobile performance.