A web app to keep track of your assignments with your classmates.

Tutorial on how to interact with the world. The Deadline list is colored from urgent to leest urgent. This is to give the usere a sens of how busy there going to be without cheacking all assingments and deadlines that are comming up.

Tutorial on how to move the hearth. Deadlines as been in Alpha sins 2014 en has been in Beta sins October 2015

Deadlines was conceived out of the frustration with unclarity about my assignments and their deadlines. So my friend Bobbie Goede and me came up with crowdsourcing information about assignments through a website which also allows for discussion between students and teachers. We runned the service for 2 years until the user numbers dropped because of low adoption rates with the new students.

My Contribution

I worked on the front-end as well as back-end for the web apps Alpha and Beta releases. I also worked on the UX and some of the UI design in addition to managing the sites web server.